Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dino Quest Trip

Lawson and I got to enjoy a trip to Dino Quest in Des Moines

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

3rd Quarter Post

I finally went through my phone today and uploaded a handful of pictures I have taken over the last few months.

 JuneAdrian wanted short hair so after her dance recital she got a big haircut. Enough to donate to an organization call Child With Hair Loss who use it to make free wigs for children. She got a little over 8 inches cut off.
The family all down at Izzy's Pond
Caire's B-day party...Adrian loved her dress and wanted to take it home :) I told her she didn't have enough tooth fairy money to pay for it!
Pool time with Grandma...Cannon Ball!!
Adrian did a cheer clinic and the kids got to perform before the North Polk football game. She did great, and the kids had a good time at the game.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend back in Rockford

We traveled back to Rockford this last Friday and the weekend was full of outdoor activities.

Charles City Full Moon 5k
Adrian's 1st 5k, took us 41:50 to complete...she did great!

The kids loved the new beach by Izzy's pond.

Lawson and Daddy enjoying the view :)

Lawson loved the tractors and  boy did he get to see them. Grandpa had 4 of his big tractors out for the kids to play on and Lawson loves riding in the Gator all around.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Home Sweet Home - Update

Our house was recently painted...another step closer to being officially finished with the house. We are still waiting for gutters which should been on soon and the irrigation and sod are coming in 3 weeks. We cannot wait to have grass!! Super excited to have a lawn for the kids to play in instead of the digging in the dirt, looking for construction trash and looking in the dumpster for "treasures" (Adrian).

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lawson's 2 Year Stats

Lawson turned 2 on April 2nd. Below are his stats and a few of the things he likes and what makes him so sweet :) I now just realized this was his "Golden Birthday"!

Weight: 33 lbs. (93%)
Height: 36 Inches (91%)
Lawson playing in the dirt at Adrian's tee ball practice.

Lawson's Likes:
~ Wrestling with Adrian ~
~ Yogurt, Jello, Pretzel Rods, Oatmeal, BBQ Chips, Fruit Snacks, Apples ~
~ Tractors, especially his little John Deere one that he sleeps with ~
~ Any animal but especially dogs, except he is scared if they actually approach him ~
~ The vacuum, he will ask me to vacuum so he can sit on the couch and watch ~
~ Gathers up cords of any kind (typically cell chargers) ~
~ Sweeping the floor ~
~ All books but prefers real pictures vs. cartoon drawings ~

What makes Lawson so special:
~ He cuddles and give hugs and kisses all the time ~
~ Is very daycare he has a couple different nicknames: Lolli, Lollipop, and Lawsee ~
~ His eyes...he shows so much personality through them ~
~ Makes cute little tractor sounds when he pushes his toys around ~
~ He yells MOMMY loud and weird almost like the boy from "The Shinning" saying REDRUM (However Mitch does encourage him and gets him going most times) ~
~ His fuzzy head (looks like a white airy dandelion) ~
~ Gives kisses and clicks his tongue to make a lip smacking sound ~

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Various Pics of the Kids

As always I have been bad about keeping the blog updated. I have thought about abandoning it at some point but I do want to try to keep it up a few more years.

Below are various pictures taken on my phone I wanted to add.

Before we moved Adrian realized I had my wedding dress hanging in her closet at the Townhouse. She asked to try it on and has asked several times since then. I really should do it again and use the nice camera and get some nice pictures outside.
All dressed up and ready to go to the Father Daughter Dance Feb. 2015
Both Mitch and Adrian had a good time tearing it up on the dance floor :)
I bought an old bed for Adrian's new room and she helped me paint it.
All completed!! Grandma Harden sewed the cute ruffle bedspread.
Finally a bubble blower...she had been working at it for some time.
The kids love wearing my heels, especially Lawson and he walks quite well in them too :)
Easter Artwork
Adrian's Lego Family
There are digging the foundation for the house next to ours. Lawson thinks he might be able to move the giant dirt boulder.
Lawson regularly brings me his green sneakers to wear... even before bedtime.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Lawson's 18 Month Dr. Appt.

Lawson's Stats from his 18 Month Dr. Appt:

Weight: 28.15 oz (95th %)
Height: 33.75 inches (89th %)
HC: 19 inches (74th %)

Lawson's toddler room pics from daycare!
He looks like he could be in a little JC Penny ad :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Adrian!

Adrian turned 6 yesterday on the 22nd of October. It is crazy to see her now as a six year old...where did the time go :)

Adrian's 6 yr Annual Check-up Appt:
Height: 48.5 inches (92%)
Weight: 55lbs (87%)

Adrian's LIKES at 6:
~ Food: chocolate, yogurt, ham sandwiches, cheesy chips ~
~ Active Play: running, monkey bars, jumping rope ~
~ Favorite Toys/Possessions: blanket & little pillow, birds, nests, eggs, Winnie the Pooh books that she can't read yet but pretends to read.
~ Favorite Movies/Shows: Octonauts, Spiderwick Chronicles, Paranorman, Indiana Jones movies, anything with action/creepy.
~ School: can count to 100 but needs help with some numbers (50, 60, 70, 80, 90), writes Adrian Lynn Noel on all of her work at school, knows our new address in Polk City, Can write alphabet upper and lowercase letters but needs a little help with U & Q. 

~ Adrian is an artist, an athlete, a sweet and loving big sister, and a silly heart ~

Below are pics from her Birthday Party with her friends out at the Equestrian Center at Jester Park from last Sat.