Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Growing Like Weeds

The kids are growing up so fast...here are some cell phone pics from the last few weeks.

 These two goof balls love to wrestle around...so cute :)

 Adrian at her dance recital last weekend.
 Proud Daddy after the big show :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Pics

This past weekend was packed full. Here r some pics...

Lawson after spaghetti :)

 Adrian and I at our Garden Tea Party.

Easter Egg hunt in Polk City...they made ou pretty well.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Lawson!!!!

The BIG GUY turned one last Wednesday!! He is growing up so fast...this year has just flown by. Lawson is taking on average 3-4 on his own without holding on for support. With extreme coaxing he will take more. He has figured out how to open his bedroom door and our pantry door! So it is a matter of time before he realizes he can get into his sisters room! Lawson has also learned how to open the dvd player to get the little tray to come out. Lawson (aka: lamp crusher) has managed to break 1 floor lamp and 1 table lamp (just broke out the light bulb).

Lawson was moved up to the 1yr room 2 weeks now and is doing good getting used to only 1 nap and less bottles. He still gets 2 a day so we have to work on eliminating those in the upcoming weeks.

Lawson's 1 Year Stats:
Weight: 24 lbs.11 oz. (91%) 
Height: 31.5 inches (96%)
HC: 18.5 inches (76%)

Click here to check out Adrian's 1 year dr. appt to compare.
Lawson and Adrian had their school pics close to his 1 year Birthday, Lawson wasn't feeling very photogenic so we stopped in to the photo place to try and get a few redos. This was one of those :)  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

peek-a-boo & silly faces

Lawson playing with the wash cloth after snack :)

 Adrian being silly after trying on her new outfit for school pics!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Random Cell Pics

Short video of the Big Guy :)

 Adrian picked out these glasses at the mall. We got some looks when we were walking out :)

A first for Adrian...last week I could not find my ring in the morning when I was getting ready for work. Come to find out Adrian got up in the middle of the night and took it from my nightstand to then hide it under hers. She gave it up easy but now I have been wearing my ring to bed to avoid another incident.

Tooth Fairy's 1st visit!

Adrian lost her first tooth Feb. 12th followed by her second tooth on the 13th! The tooth fairy left a dollar per tooth along with a purple and teal jewel. The pic below was after the 1st tooth came out while brushing and we lost down the drain :(

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our little Fox at 9 Months

Lawson turned 9 Months on Jan 2nd! Below are some pics, stats, and milestones!

Weight: 22 lbs (84%)
Height: 30" (96%)
HC: 18" (69%)

Lawson biggest milestone is he is walking by pushing our dinning room chairs around like a walker. They go slower then the walking toys which is perfect for him.

Lawson still sleeps like a trooper (10-11hrs)

Lawson is just transitioning from 4 to 3 bottles a day. He also eats regular food 3-4 times a day.

Lawson still only has the two lower teeth but his top ones are very close to coming.

Lawson recognizes his name but we are still working on the waving bye-bye.

Lawson loves to wrestle around, drool on anyone, and even occasionally bites at your legs and feet :)

Lawson has the cutest hair color...it is reddish, brown, blonde all depending on the light. I tend to dress him in orange to bring out the color. Even the librarian commented on his cute hair color :)

Lawson is just a sweetheart and we can't wait to see what other changes and things he learns!

Top Ten of 2013

With the start of 2014, I wanted to document our families Top Ten of 2013. These are a combination of changes for the family and things we are thankful for.

1. Lawson being born into our family (April 2nd)
2. Our health, especially the kids, so thankful I have healthy kids!
3. Sold our house in Polk City
4. The feeling/realization of our family being complete now that we have little Lawson (no more kids:)
5. I got a new more flexible job in September (almost 8 yrs w/ Nationwide)
6. Mitch started a new job with Sears late Aug
7. Moved to Ankeny into a rental townhouse
8.  Became van owners...never thought that day would come!
9. Adrian's: "Thankful for everything (friends, family, God, clouds, teachers, Grandma, Grandpa, Nick, Tony, Joe, princesses, my brother, Dad, letters)"
10. Lawson's (this is my guess): Bottles, kisses, big sister, comfy pants, a soft crib sheet, mom and dad who have unconditional love, bathtime, daycare toys & friends.

Below are various picture from my cell phone from fall/winter:
Dec. 28th 2013
 Christmas morning
 Adrian before her 5 year Birthday with Lawson in front of Grandpa's motorcycle
The only picture taken of Adrian in jeans (probably 2 years)
 Snowman building with Grandpa Harden
 Lawson and his new deer from Santa
  Hanging out at the house in Rockford
 The weather was perfect for sledding, however I found out that Lawson does not enjoy being out in the snow.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Adrian 5 Years Old!

So it has been over 5 years now since I have started my simple yet functional blog in place of a baby book. One of these days I am going to get my posts consolidated and made into photo books so I have all of this documented in a hard copy...plus for Adrian's high school graduation I can just set out the books and not pin up any pictures!!! :) Even though I don't post as often anymore or as detailed as I would like I did want to get some photos and thoughts documented of Adrian around her 5 year Birthday.
Adrian's 5 Year Stats:
Weight: 46.8 lbs (85%)
Height: 45.5 inches (93%)
Here are some various pictures over the last few weeks.
Don't ask me why I am in this picture...I took the picture of Adrian's friends at her B-day party and the night before Adrian played with the camera on my phone and some how got it on a setting that also takes the picture of the person snapping the photo!?!?
The kids had a blast playing at the "The Playground" in Ankeny. Mitch and I really enjoyed seeing all the kids run around and have a blast. It was funny how everyone seemed to get some sort of injury while they were there. I was just glad all their parents signed the waiver!
Adrian's bird nest :) I love it! She has liked birds for quite some time...these are her birdies that make the actual bird sounds as well. She will often ask me to make her a "nest" so she can lay in it. I often find in her bed in the morning with a couple of birds under the covers and little wooden eggs :)
Adrian got this tea set from her Great Grandma Harden for her 1st Birthday. On this day she was having a party with her "Toy Story" friends.
Dresses, Dresses, Dresses....Adrian always wants to wear a dress! We are in this phase and have been for over a year. Adrian is a combination of girly but can play pretty rough and holds her own with the boys in the class (according to her teacher at conferences).
Adrian at the age of 5...
~ is a sweetie and often says "I Love You" at random times
~ is a Momma's girl
~ loves to wear dresses, but is extremely picky on the type of dress
~ i predict to be a good athlete, especially in running
~ is a loving and gentle big sister to Lawson
~ loves going for walks, prefers it over riding her bike
~ loves her school, especially going into the church during religious hour
~ prefers to drink water, then milk, followed by juice. She still has not had any pop, which is surprising since we drink it but she never asks for it so it hasn't been an issue yet :)
~ Adrian is artistic, she draws, colors, and paints quite well
~ is a "night owl"...often playing in her room until 9:30/10pm. She is hard to wake in the morning
~ current bedtime routine: brush teeth, read 3 books, scratch her back while I tell the story of Ariel...it is a 2 min recap of the movie, it gets shorter and shorter every time
~ favorite books: The Cat in the Hat & her Little Girls Bible
~ favorite foods: Ham sandwich, baked chicken, Doritos, yogurt, mint ice cream, chocolate anything
~ favorite movies: Jumanji, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Willy Wonka (original movie)
If Adrian says something cute or funny I try to write it down to keep record of it.  Here are a couple of things she has said within the last few months:
 "Mommy, I don't want those ninja turtles saying my name!"
She said one night when I was doing the dishes...it dawned on me she was referring to the 90s movie and there is an Adrian reference from the movie Rocky :)
"Did God try and cross the road?"
This was said when I was tucking her in for bed after reading from her little bible book. I guess I have gotten it across to Adrian that it is dangerous to cross the road :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lawson 6 Months

Lawson turned 6 mos on Oct. 2nd! I snapped 100 pics on Sat. and these 4 turned out...not good odds :)  He is such a big boy...I just packed away his 9 mo. clothes and he is now wearing size 12 mos. The overalls in the pics below are actually 18 mos.

6 Month Stats:
Weight: 20 lbs (87%)
Height: 29 inches (99%)
HC: 17 inches (42%)
~ Is an easy going...happy baby
~ Loves to chew on your fingers and drool constantly
~ Loves watching Adrian play
~ Rocks back and forth on all fours
~ Swivels on his belly to reach for things
~ Gets 4-5 bottles a day 8 oz. of formula each!
~ Already does the "alligator roll" during diaper changes to make it challenging for mom :)
~ Loves taking baths
~ Still sleeps through the night
~ Loves when mommy sings and does the leg/arm motions to the lyrics "Running just as fast as we can..."